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Flight Debriefing (OTG) / ODS: BARCAP North back to task Group
« Last post by USVAF_370 on January 20, 2017, 15:53:45 »
ODS: BARCAP North back to task Group: NO issues during flight, wave off on 1st approach but caught 2nd wire on 2nd trap. Great sunset.

ODS: BARCAP Intercepted and visually ID aircraft. landed safely with no further issues.

Flight Debriefing (OTG) / ODS: SIGINT intercept of Iranian communications
« Last post by USVAF_370 on January 18, 2017, 06:48:47 »
ODS: SIGINT intercept of Iranian communications:

passing the Carrier Task Group on outbound leg. SIGINT intercept of comms.  Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Intelligence Officers
 are analyzing intel to pin point location of hostages location and condition.
Flight Debriefing (OTG) / OMDM ISR Debrief
« Last post by USVAF_641 on January 18, 2017, 05:24:31 »

On 16JAN17, LCDR Cole performed a reconnaissance flyover of OMDM at approximately 2200 local. Weather changed dramatically from point of departure to the UAE coastline, with heavy clouds developing from FL150 down through FL020 at the target's vicinity. The reconnaissance flight was able to perform a single flyby at 1500 ft and capture partial images of the hangar complexes, taxiways, and runway despite limited visibility.


Flying Leg 2 of Deployment to Mildenhal AB
Seaborne Ops (Any) Locate and recover wreckage N29°6'60"  by  E48°13'24". USVAF_641 and 926 provided BARCAP.

Date: 01/02/2017
Flight Description: Proficiency training with F-22. Made two flights, performed Air-to-Air training off the east coast near MCAS Cherry Point. Joint flight between 48FW and 3WG.

Aircraft: 2x F-22 (Intercept) , 1x F/A-18C (Aggressor)

DEP APT: Langley AFB (F-22), NAS Oceana (F/A-18C)
ARR APT: Langley AFB (F-22), NAS Oceana (F/A-18C)

Pilots: "Hawk01"



"Statue De La Liberte"

Flight Debriefing (OTG) / Re: Naval Incident - Operation Deep Strike
« Last post by USVAF_926 on January 10, 2017, 00:37:37 »
It is now apparent that LtCmdr Cole had a personal GoPro camera attached to his helmet during the flight.  These images were released by the Navy and LtCmdr. Cole has handed over all video footage for analysis.  Furthermore, the use of this style camera is now going to be rolled out in a trial program of all aviators on the USS Carl Vinson.  This proves the worldwide media coverage of the event is errant in the US provoked attack and shows self defense of the ship by her crew. 
Flight Debriefing (OTG) / Re: Naval Incident - Operation Deep Strike
« Last post by USVAF_641 on January 09, 2017, 23:42:52 »

Flight Debriefing (OTG) / Naval Incident - Operation Deep Strike
« Last post by USVAF_926 on January 09, 2017, 23:36:50 »

At Approximately 1520Z,  Two Naval F/A-18E's under the commands of Cmdr Molinari and LtCmdr Cole departed the deck of the USS Carl Vinson for a Combat Air Patrol of the northwestern Persian Gulf.  Shortly thereafter, the two pilots observed on radar an aircraft heading toward Restricted Kuwaiti Airspace. The Naval Pilots then joined in trail of what is now known to be an unmarked Airbus A321.  While trailing the aircraft, the aircraft then headed into Restricted Kuwaiti Airspace and descended down to 24,000 feet and was at max airspeed. The Naval Pilots attempted communication with the errant aircraft at which time the unknown Airspace A321 performed a steep descent and sharp course correction heading east on a direct course to the USS Carl Vinson.  The two Naval Pilots then attempted to establish comms on a multitude of frequencies, tried to crowd airliner off course, and even employed the used of flares to get the pilots attention.  The cockpit of the A321 was blacked out with tinting, and the A321 showed no signs of damage to exterior of airplane or comms antennas.  Once the aircraft was away from populated areas and over water, Cmdr. Molinari gave the order for LtCmdr Cole to open fire on the aircraft at 1715Z.  Cole employed his cannon and disabled the left engine. The pilots of the A321 went fully throttle on the right engine and refined their course toward the carrier. At this time, Molinari gave the order to Cole to finish off the aircraft and ensure it was down before breaching the 25nm range of the USS Carl Vinson.  Cole opened fire with cannon again and this time struck and destroyed the main wing box area of the aircraft and the A321 spiraled into the sea at 1719Z.

The debris needs to be recovered by US Forces to ascertain the origin and identity of the aircraft and persons on board.  Recovery efforts are needed immediately to recover any debris from this aircraft and especially the FDR and CVR black boxes located in the tail section.

Aircraft Impact coordinates:
N29°6'60"  by  E48°13'24"

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