Commanding Officer:

The USVAF Coast Guard MAJCOM is structured to provide enjoyment for simulation pilots within the Flight Simulator environment. Equipment- Official Aircraft * Lockheed HC-130 Hercules * Casa HC-144 Ocean Sentry * Sikorsky HH-60j Jayhawk * Aerospatiale HH-65 Dolphin Missions will be posted with the required aircraft designated. Strategies for USVAF Coast Guard missions will include the following general categories: * MAJCOM Training and Development * Search and Rescue * National Response Center * United States Navy Support missions * Department of Homeland Security * USAF Aux. Civil Air Patrol Support * Virtual Coast Guard Aero Club Information about each of these posted missions will include aircraft requirements and recommended scenery packages . It is important to note that the scenery packages are NOT REQUIRED, but will enhance your enjoyment of the mission. They can be obtained from Flight Sim Dot Com at no charge, and can be easily deleted after completion of the exercise. You will find that most aircraft operations can be filled by use of Flight Sim Default airframes. Please confirm your use with the mission commander to assure continuity. Primary objective with every mission is to HAVE FUN and enjoy our hobby in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Jim Bennett Admiral (RDML) USVAF Coast Guard (Dragon639)