Commanding Officer:
Brigadier General Shannon Sowry

The USVAF is a collection of MAJCOM's (Major Commands) which represents United States Military Aviation as it proudly serves throughout the world today. You'll find units of the Air Force, Navy, Army, and Coast Guard which are well represented. (No, we didn't forget the Marines, we just consider them a part of naval operations.) The Vintage Air Command, as it turns out, has a different goal and purpose in mind. The VAC serves as a reminder of the path that the United States had to travel to become the aviation power she is today. The VAC is represents where the US started in aviation during WWI; where we have been in aviation during WWII, Korea, and Vietnam; becoming the mightiest military air power the world knows today. If someone asked you what your all-time most favorite fighter plane was, you'd probably say..."the P-51 Mustang." That's because you remember the history and heritage the Mustang had during WWII. If you can relate to that, you’ll enjoying flying along with the pilots in the VAC. You yourself don’t have to personally be “vintage” to enjoy the VAC, you need only to love the sights and sounds of those “low and slow” flying birds that we’ve come to love and admire throughout time. The VAC has a vast collection of these “birds” ready to fly, and instructors to help you along the way. Welcome to the Vintage Air Command and come join us when you can. Brig. Gen. Jerry “Delta” Ryen, VAC Commander