Callsign: USVAF_702
File Date: 2018-03-31
Flight Number: USVAF_702-0056
Flight Date: 2018-03-30
Flight Type: Medevac
Aircraft: C-17 Globemaster III
Mission Name: AMC Tasking
Flight Rule: Instrument Flight Rule
Duration: 02:20:00 HRS
Fuel Used: 48,999 LBS
Departure Time: 22:54:00Z
Fuel on Hand: 147,108 LBS
Arrival Time: 01:14:00Z
Fuel on Hand: 98,109 LBS
Altitude: 34,000 FT
AirSpeed: 280 KNOTS
Cargo: 26,000 LBS
66165 LTBU BLO ZAG RCH LIPA Exercise Saber Guardian Mission 2 #180323193 MEDEVAC 14 level 3 trauma patients to Aviano Mil , Italy for treatment

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