Callsign: USVAF_854
File Date: 2017-10-03
Flight Number: USVAF_854-0142
Flight Date: 2017-10-03
Flight Type: Airlift
Aircraft: C-5 Galaxy
Mission Name: Korea deployment
Flight Rule: Instrument Flight Rule
Duration: 15:42:00 HRS
Fuel Used: 328,104 LBS
Departure Time: 00:00:00Z
Fuel on Hand: 399,999 LBS
Arrival Time: 15:42:00Z
Fuel on Hand: 71,895 LBS
Altitude: 32,000 FT
AirSpeed: 535 KNOTS
Cargo: 240,000 LBS
Refueled 2500 miles outside of JB Elmendorf-Richardson countinued with mission to Osan AB

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