Callsign: USVAF_866
File Date: 2017-01-11
Flight Number: USVAF_866-0101
Flight Date: 2017-01-11
Flight Type: ACC Tasking
Aircraft: F-22 Raptor
Mission Name: CAP Combat Air Patro
Flight Rule: Instrument Flight Rule
Duration: 02:19:00 HRS
Fuel Used: 12,362 LBS
Departure Time: 19:25:00Z
Fuel on Hand: 20,622 LBS
Arrival Time: 21:44:00Z
Fuel on Hand: 8,260 LBS
Altitude: 30,000 FT
AirSpeed: 450 KNOTS
Cargo: 4,800 LBS
Langley AFB - Langley AFB / Security patrol / 1x aircraft detected in restricted airspace - proceeded to intercept - aircraft diverted course

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